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Messaging apps: Bring your business closer to your customers

Today, businesses cannot expect consumers to come to them. Instead, companies need to be where their customers are and engage them there, regardless of offline or online channels. Be it on television, social media and now more increasingly, businesses are moving to messaging apps.

Website insight using Google Analytics

Gain more insight from your website using Google Analytics

Analytics for your website can tell you more than just the number of people who visited your website. Analytics can provide businesses with more insights that can influence marketing strategies.

3 apps bolster communications in workplace

Three apps that will bolster communications in the workplace

Internal communications cannot be overlooked. It is important that all employees in the company are aware of and in sync with the goals and objectives to be achieved. Communication apps help greatly with this and will allow employees keep abreast of tasks at hand.

SMBs prepare Pokemon Go rollout in Asia

How SMBs can prepare for the Pokemon Go rollout in Asia

Pokemon Go is more than the latest craze in mobile gaming. It’s a major boon for small businesses, bringing players to stores and increasing sales – now’s the time for entrepreneurs to prepare for the game to rollout in Asia.