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Leveraging the ASEAN Economic Community for small business expansion

Supporting small businesses is a key priority for ASEAN over the next nine years. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to act to take advantage of the benefits becoming available through the new ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Here's how SMBs can leverage the AEC's plans to power your growth.

Business incubators help startups

3 ways business incubators can help startups

For today's startups, one of the best ways to get funded and set out on the path towards growth and success is to join business incubators. To see if an incubator is right for you, consider the three key ways they can help startups grow.


What SMEs should consider when expanding overseas

SMEs that are expanding internationally need more than just funding to take their first steps. Recognising the importance of bridging cultural gaps can help a business succeed in more ways than one.


Staying liquid: The benefits of factoring for SMEs

One of the many problems facing small businesses is financing. Whether it's funding for growth or just working capital that is required, SMEs can seek funding in alternatives ways such as factoring.