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  • What is Google Optimize and How Can It Work for Small Businesses?

    What is Google Optimize and How Can It Work for Small Businesses?

    Google has many tools to help small businesses and the latest is Google Optimize - an A/B testing solution. How does it work and what can it do for your business?

    Google has a huge suite of free tools available for small businesses, such as Drive, Analytics, Documents and Mail. The latest addition is Google Optimize that helps you boost the user experience and your effectiveness in engaging customers by making it easy for you to test various elements on your business website. This is done through A/B testing, multivariate testing and redirect tests.

    What are these tests?

    • A/B testing allows you to test multiple versions of the same web page to see which one works best with your customers.
    • Multivariate testing allows you to test two or more elements on a page (text, an image or call-to-action button) to see which combination is the most successful.
    • Redirect tests involve testing two different urls – more commonly used when comparing two very different landing pages.

    What is Optimize?

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    If you’re already using other Google tools like Analytics to track your digital marketing activities, Optimize will be a great boost these efforts. With insights from Analytics, you can identify which part of your website isn't working effectively and through Optimize test different variations on that page to see which best engages your audience.

    The native integration is a huge plus, as you’d already be familiar with Google’s interface and reports. Essentially the product allows you to experiment with different messages, landing pages, images or designs on your website to see which is the most effective with your customers.


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