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    Online advertising for small businesses – what you need to know

    Setting up your website, online store or social media page is the first step to bringing your business online. Next comes growing awareness with online advertising. What are the basics you need to know?

    It’s clear today that more and more consumers and businesses have turned to the internet and social media as sources of information when it comes to product research and purchases.

    To be able to tap on this huge market, businesses of all sizes have created their online presence in the form of simple websites, ecommerce stores or social media pages. These function as a “storefront” for businesses to get connected to their customers.

    However, the challenge most small businesses face when putting themselves online is how can they get the attention of potential customers, and to stand out from the clutter.

    Getting attention, organically

    Most of us would use a search engine like Google to look for particular products and services that would meet our needs.

    It is challenging for most website owners to organically rank high in search results, given that it takes time to build up the relevance and credibility of your website in Google’s ranking. This will require a consistent practice of Search Engine Optimisation.  

    Speeding up results

    For small businesses to speed up this process, there’s the option of doing online advertising. It allows businesses with fairly modest budgets to have a chance to reach relevant potential customers, and be in the same space as bigger enterprises within the industry.

    The most common and effective online advertising channels for small businesses are Google AdWords (search engine advertising / marketing) and Facebook advertising (social media advertising / marketing).


    To read the full article, visit the Adtiq blog here. Adtiq is a quick and easy way for small businesses to launch Google and Facebook advertising campaigns.

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