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  • How to build the right search keyword list for your business

    How to build the right search keyword list for your business

    Thinking of setting up a new search campaign? Or already in the thick of it? Selecting the right keywords will ensure your ads will appear in front of the right customers.

    The keywords you use in your online campaigns are critical. Using the most relevant and right amount, they can draw traffic—and of the relevant kind—straight to your website and increase your conversions from casual encounters to sales. These keywords, usually phrases of two to five words, are what searchers type into search engines to look for information.

    Here are some tips to help you find the right keywords to get your search ads in front of the right customers.

    1. Think like your customers

    When searching for a particular product or service online, not everyone might know the professional term for it. Your keywords should therefore comprise not only general names for your product or service, but also include related words and synonyms.

    For example, if someone was searching for ‘exercise bicycles’, some possible keywords you can include are: indoor bicycles, stationary bicycles, gym bikes, etc.


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