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  • Google Search Sitelink Extensions and how can they promote your business?

    What are sitelink extensions on Google Search, and why do they matter? Understand how they work and how they can be used to drive customers to specific parts of your website. 

    Ever searched for a website and found that the page has its subpages displayed in the results? Those are sitelink extensions — useful links that take visitors to a specific page on your website. More and more businesses have been including sitelink extensions, and for good reason.

    Sitelinks appear on search results under the main url as well as on search ads, and again under the main heading. You can see an example below. The sitelinks for search results are automated – they appear when Google’s algorithm thinks they’ll be helpful. You have no really control over when they appear and which parts of your site appear.

    For ads though, you are able to customise sitelinks to show the information you want. This is what we’ll be discussing further.

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