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Digital marketing for SMEs: Top tools to create online videos for your website

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    Digital marketing for SMEs: Top tools to create online videos for your website

    Videos can be an informative and entertaining way of getting your message across. There are tools online to help SMEs produce videos that are low cost and don't require much technological know-how.

    Using the mediums of both audio and visual, online videos are an engaging way marketers can develop leads and increase conversions. Cisco forecasts that by 2018, IP video traffic globally will be 79 percent of all consumer internet traffic, up from 66 percent in 2013.

    It's easy enough for SMEs to make videos using various online tools that are readily available. Here are a few low-cost, easy-to-use tools to get your video created.

    Make yourself look like a professional animator without needing to know anything about animation. Powtoon, a cloud-based software, allows users to create animated presentations and videos. It has an easy export system that puts the clip on YouTube or onto your computer in just a few clicks. Plus it's free.

    Animoto is another online video creator and the video styles are customisable. All you need to do is add your photos and video clips and the software compiles it into a video clip in a few minutes. There's also a library of music to choose from to accompany your clip. They are all pre-licensed for use, so you won't have to worry about any copyright issues. You'll also have options as to how you want to share it – on the web, on a mobile or on a tablet. And because all the videos created are hosted on the cloud, you won't have to worry about storage issues.

    GoAnimate has a library of thousands of characters, backgrounds and props, so SMEs are bound to find a look and scenario that suits their business message. It's also easy to add elements such as a company logo or screen capture. As for adding audio, users can choose to record directly into the platform for a personal voiceover or crowdsource professional actors. In addition, the animated characters will automatically lip sync, making it look very professional.

    Free Online Software

    There are several sites that offer free online video creation, such as Wideo and VideoCrisp. Both provide a similar service and aim to support startups and SMEs.

    When you're done creating a video, you can embed it on your website or export it onto your computer or to share on sites such as YouTube. In addition, sharing it through social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will increase the number of viewers and make it easier for consumers to share it with their networks.

    Until recently, video editing required expensive software, technical understanding and creative skills. However, with the wide range of cloud-based software now available at no or low cost, the world of opportunities for SME marketers to create engaging video content has truly opened up.

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